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Lavish in Lincoln

There’s no denying that Chicago’s beer culture is very important. With 185 breweries around the city and suburbs, how can you try them all? Luckily, this Lincoln Park home is centrally located and even has a spot around the corner dedicated to craft beer. Beermiscuous is the “coffee shop” of

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Rhode Island Renovation

Built 111 years ago in 1906, this South Kingstown, RI home wasn’t always meant to be lived in. Until a little over 10 years ago this property was home to the Old Perryville Baptist Church. The romantic country church conversion comes with your own private bell tower, molded tin ceilings,

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A Modular Midcentury

Don’t be fooled by the front exterior of this home. The modular front view is contrasted with a backside full of windows. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright protege Dennis Blair, this mid-century modern compound mixes organic and geometric forms for that natural, clean look. It is surrounded by lakes, country

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Comfort in the Cape

Known for its seafood shacks and quaint New England homes, Cape Cod offers an expansive amount of restaurants, tourism and summer living amenities. In Outer Cape Cod, a place with a sense of secrecy and relaxation, lies Truro, MA, a small town well known to the locals. And within Truro is