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A Chicago Classic

If you’re looking for a place that checks all the boxes, look no further. This one has the perfect location, a desirable style and all the updates. Located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL, it is right where all the action is. It’s walking distance to the Lincoln

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Outdoor Oasis

If you love the great outdoors, getting some fresh air and going for a swim, this Bridgman, Michigan contemporary home was made for you. Designed by architect James Nagle, it rests on 6.55 acres of land just a few feet from the private beach on Lake Michigan. It is located in-between

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All About Mom

You spend countless hours getting Play-Doh out of places it shouldn’t be, wiping the floor when they drop meatballs for the dog to eat, or fixing their bib when dad puts it on backwards. We’re talking about the kids you’ve spent countless hours of dedication to. And now Mom, you

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Further Lane Fortune

Located in one of the most prestigious locations in the United States, this East Hampton, New York home is so big that your housekeepers need housekeepers. Luckily, the nine bedrooms and 13 bathrooms can accommodate that. With eight fireplaces, a formal garden, and a heated pool, it would be hard

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Behind the Lens: Bob Gassen

Eighteen years ago, Bob Gassen became a professional photographer. It started after he got his Master’s of Photography and when his high school senior son and friends needed senior portraits. Those same clients have since moved on, gotten married, had kids and started their careers. “I just followed my customers’