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VHT Featured Tour: Mixing Patterns

There is something to be said for symmetry and matching furnishings in a space. However, I think rooms with the most character have the least uniformity. Sure, it can be intimidating to work with multiple textile patterns, but in doing so you can create a much more interesting space. Mixing

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So Your Style Is: Traditional

It might be hard to pinpoint exactly what makes a home feel “traditional”. After all, traditional is a rather vague blanket term that often overlaps with retro, vintage, eclectic, transitional styles, etc. But there is a reason that traditional decorating has thrived for so long. It promises warmth and welcome,

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VHT Tour: So Your Style Is Contemporary

Today’s contemporary interiors are comfortable and welcoming without being cluttered and dark. A true contemporary home is designed and decorated with open space and natural light in mind. And because there isn’t any clutter, every piece has to count. Simplicity, neutral colors,  subtle sophistication, smooth textures, and clean lines help