Unveiling Virtual Paint: REALTORS® Nightmares Are Now Sweet Dreams 1


Until now, it was nearly impossible to help homebuyers envision the potential beauty of home spaces without going through the headaches of persuading sellers of the need, hiring painters, picking colors, and more. Virtual Paint digitally changes property walls and flat surfaces to any color you or your clients choose. This new, low-cost tool helps you conveniently change outdated wallpaper or make extreme wall colors more neutral quicker than ever. With VHT Studios’ Image Specialists, you can virtually change the color of any flat surface to present your wild or tired listings in the most positive, carefree manner imaginable. And it won’t hurt your wallet!

Our Virtual Paint service is the answer to clients’ requests for minor-to-moderate color changes to accent walls, floors, and other flat surfaces and finishes, to better help homebuyers imagine how a space might look after the sale.


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Describe the benefits of using the Paint product.

Under our Virtual Staging canopy of products, Paint allows you to digitally change the color of a property’s walls. You can remove wallpaper, or even simply enhance a room with an accent wall to add a pop of color.

In what situation would VHT’s Paint product be useful?

Paint is especially useful in situations where there is a room that’s painted a bold, crazy color or even if the walls are in need of a little bit of patching up or maybe they just need a fresh coat of paint. In many cases, neutral is what is most appealing to homebuyers and our Paint tool can help them envision what a room would look like. Sometimes in a rush to get a property on the market, there simply isn’t enough time to get the home painted. Our product is a quick and easy solution to getting the property on the market without ever having to lift an actual paintbrush.

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  1. Reply Debbie Dvorak Nov 17,2016 2:53 pm

    Is this something that could be available to buyers to see what a home would look like without the current paint/wallpaper if the seller does not choose to have this service before listing? I have a lot of buyers that can’t visualize how a room will look just by painting or removing wallpaper. I also have many sellers that will NOT consider changing anything because they like it just the way it is (but we know buyers won’t!!). Just wondering if this could be a service available for buyers to see how rooms look with different color/paint on the walls??

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