How to ‘De-Deck’ the Halls to Sell Listings During the Holidays


Who says you need to wait until the holidays are over to put a home on the market?

Our new virtual staging services can help real estate professionals “De-Deck the Halls” of their listings, so there’s no need to delay listing a home until after the holiday decorations are removed.

The holiday season is the perfect time for real estate professionals to give our virtual staging tools a try. Attract more buyers searching for a home online, where most new home searches originate.

“While holiday decorations add joy to any home, real estate professionals have told us that buyers searching online often prefer to view listing photographs free of holiday décor to help them envision the full potential of a home,” said Brian Balduf, CEO and Co-Founder of VHT Studios. “Our four custom virtual staging tools are a direct response to their requests,” added Balduf.


Our Virtual Staging Suite includes Virtual Stage, Virtual Declutter, Virtual Paint and Virtual Redecorate.

Here’s how the virtual staging suite helps real estate professionals wow clients and prospects:

  • Holiday decorations need not be removed or disturbed.
  • Skilled “Elves” – our team of professional image specialists — apply our custom tools and magically remove holiday décor from a photograph.
  • Real estate professionals can choose to virtually furnish, paint or redecorate the interiors of any home.
  • Buyers shopping during the holidays for their next home can visualize what a home could potentially look like.
  • Sellers need not invest the time, expense and inconvenience of physically redecorating a room and if they choose, can still decorate their home for the holidays.

Whether a home has holiday decor in every room, or dated carpeting, brightly painted walls, or outdated wallpaper, our new virtual staging services allow real estate professionals to completely redesign a listing’s interior.

Visit to view a wide variety of virtual staging options.

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