Unveiling Virtual Declutter: Your Worry-Free Post-Shoot Tool


virtual declutter

Unfortunately, not every home is completely photo-shoot ready. For clients who arrive at a photography shoot only to find that the space isn’t quite ready, we have a new tool to give you peace of mind.

Our new service, Virtual Declutter, can digitally clean up any space that appears cluttered or messy in a photograph. Whether it’s cluttered counter tops, bookshelves, or coffee tables, our Image Specialists can digitally remove any items that take away from the room’s appeal.


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What is Virtual Declutter?

Our Declutter product is a fantastic post-shoot tool. It digitally removes items that take away from the appeal of the room. Whether it’s a cluttered countertop, a disorderly bookshelf, a messy coffee table, or magnets and photos on a refrigerator. Our Image Specialists “automagically” remove clutter and they make a room or space more open and certainly more pleasing to the potential homebuyer’s eye.

When would Declutter come in handy?

Declutter is a great tool for removing items that were not initially seen at the time of the shoot. It isn’t meant to take the place of tidying up before the photo shoot, but for those moments when a room isn’t quite photo shoot ready, Declutter can truly save the day.

What is another Declutter example?

Our Declutter tool can come in handy for a more challenging listing that was not able to be properly prepped for photos in advance. It can also work great for properties that have perhaps expensive artwork or family heirlooms that they do not want advertised on the internet for the world to see. Our Image Specialists can remove any items that the agent and homeowner do not wish to make public online.

To learn more about our Virtual Staging suite of services, visit vht.com/virtual-staging.

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