Marketing Minute: The Drone Impact

Our CEO, Brian Balduf, sat down to talk about the importance in creating that WOW factor for your listings.  Watch our marketing minute video below to hear how Drone / Aerial Photography and Video has that impact you are looking for:



Video Transcription.

When buyers are looking at 10-20 different properties and one of them has perspective from a drone, whether it’s photographs or videos, that’s going to stand out.  

That property is going to stand out.  That real estate professional is going to stand out.  It’s going to get the buyer’s attention. It’s going to keep their attention. 

It’s going to affect, move, and motivate them to take action. Whether it’s come out to see the property or request more information, that’s the power of visual marketing, and in particular drone and aerial.  

It’s definitely a big evolution in real estate marketing, which has come a long way in just the last 3 years.  This really helps tell more of the story of the property to really understand the neighborhood that you are in, the lifestyle and the amenities that are nearby and that really takes the marketing to a new level, a new dimension really.  




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